Mobile Health Van

Most of the village communities that CWT works with have limited access to medical aid to address common diseases. To service a dire lack of facilities, a Mobile Health Van was initiated in January 2015. The health van attends to the needs of over 30 villages on a bimonthly basis.

The objective is to conduct regular health check-ups, identify, diagnose and treat common infectious diseases and chronic conditions like anemia and hypertension.

An awareness-building component is built in as part of the health intervention on a monthly basis. Health workers educate village residents on proper hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and the prevention of common health issues. They empower the community with knowledge to reduce and mitigate the occurrence of preventable health diseases.

Conservation Wildlands Trust

Our health intervention has created an impact not only in terms of an improved quality in health within the community, but also a significant reduction in expenditure related to travel to distant primary health centers. Access to health at their doorsteps, frees up both people’s time and income, and along with immediate diagnosis with treatment it improves their overall productivity.

Health Partners

Cipla Foundation

Cipla Foundation

The guiding philosophy of Cipla Foundation is “none shall be denied”. Their priorities are health, education, skilling and disaster relief. In collaboration with partners, Cipla Foundation strives to understand deeply-rooted challenges and then bridge gaps in accessibility, affordability and awareness. The foundation faithfully reflects Cipla’s ethos.



The Datta Megha Institute of Medical Sciences is an institution based in Wardha dedicated to higher education with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach, research and an awareness of the societal needs of the country. They deliver healthcare services to the rural, needy, marginalized and underprivileged populations in the country.

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