In the Court of the Ranee of Jhansi

In the Court of the Ranee of Jhansi

John Lang


Non-fiction, Travel






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(Paperback | ISBN 9789385288227 | 208 pages | June 2015)


Novelist, intrepid traveller, barrister-at-law, newspaper editor and uninhibited gossip, John Lang lived for a number of years in pre- and post-Mutiny British India, and his writings constitute some of the most vivid records of the time.

Lang describes his meeting with the Ranee of Jhansi—soon to become the focal point of the rebellion—as well as his counsel to her; he also chronicles the wondrous and tragic life of ‘Black and Blue’, a boy of mixed British and Indian parentage, and his claims to a peerage in England. And, narrating a march in the Upper Provinces, Lang provides an eyewitness account of eight thousand monkeys, gathered in Deobund for a clan meeting.

Written with a historian’s sense of detail, a raconteur’s delight in the unexpected, and a keen sense of the absurd, John Lang’s travel diary is a riveting read.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

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John Lang

John Lang (b. 1816), writer, newspaper editor and traveller, lived in India for a number of years. A prominent lawyer of his time, he most notably appeared for the Rani of Jhansi against the British East India Company. He was also the editor and publisher of the periodical, Mofussilite. Lang’s published work includes The Wetherbys […]

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